The Gears Esports program is the gritty intensive competitive embodiment of the Gears of War franchise. In 2019, Gears 5 was released along with the new chapter of the Gears Esports program. I owned the whole design process to re-brand the new Gears 5 Esports program, the goal was to create instantly recognizable visuals that were easy to replicate throughout all the media channels the brand is present in. The approach I used on this project was divided in four phases showcased below:

1.  Research and brainstorming
The first step on the design process was to develop the look and feel of the brand. At this stage, I have done research on Twitter and streaming platforms to learn what design patterns the Gears community was consuming and what other esports and sports organizations were doing. With all this information in hand I was able to create a mood board that translates the essence I was trying to grasp.

2. Concepts development 
The second step was to create and test with different design concepts. An important part of the design was working around photos I already had from previous events. These photos truthfully rendered what our community represents: explosive passion for the game that results in high professional skill levels. 

3. Feedback and design improvement 
During the third step I refined the concepts and had rounds of feedback within my team and the studio. I improved the concepts by accentuating the colors, applying photo treatment to the images and generating high quality compositions using different textures.

4. Final Delivery
The hero image was shared with our partners and used as a start point to the graphics we developed throughout the season.

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