Hi there, I'm Fernanda Nauata, a Vancouver-based multidisciplinary designer. Currently an Experience Designer for the NHL Team at Electronic Arts.
Originally from Brazil, but I moved to Canada almost eight years ago and now I live in Vancouver with my two birds, Jonny and Jiraiya.
I majored in Marketing and Advertising and have since worked on marketing agencies, developing and executing strategies to promote various brands. My career took a turn when I moved to Vancouver and began working in the gaming industry. My first role was at The Coalition, a Microsoft first-party studio that develops Gears of War. There, I helped establish the branding for the Gears Esports product, collaborated with partners, and created style guides and UI graphic libraries for online and on-site events. This position introduced me to the importance of user insights and validating design success through user research.
Next, I joined Electronic Arts, working in the Franchise Web Design team. This role deepened my understanding of UI and UX design and allowed me to develop more precise tools for designers. I also designed promotional assets for a range of AAA video game titles.
I continue working in the gaming industry at EA, specifically with the NHL Live XD Team. This fast-paced role involves creating content for HUT and the World of Chel modes, including conceiving concepts and visual styles for live daily banners and events throughout the year and designing in-game applications such as player cards, collectibles, reward packs, and screen backgrounds.
In my spare time, I can be found at one of Vancouver's rock climbing gyms, learning about film photography, and playing interactive stories and open-world games.
You can reach me at ferhcard[at]gmail[dot]com
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