We're aiming to build meaningful and breathtaking experiences for people
who want to enjoy authentic Canadian experiences.
1. Business
Roote is a mobile app that helps you find relevant local businesses around you. Roote is not only able to find companies and deals around you, it also filters those results using Canada’s Open Government data to assure they are all local businesses.
2. Users
Potential target: The potential target for the app are people who want to have an authentic Canadian Experience.
Who will benefit: When you support local businesses you support the community around you.
Power users: The power users will be people who don’t want to give more money to big companies and.
Might not use it as much but still find value in it: People wanting to have a different experience (i.e. tourists).
3. Problems
Outdated API
Not enough filters to find what the user really wants.
Getting wrong information — a big chain shows up instead of a local business.
Not enough information about the place- if is it vegan, gluten/dairy free, hours, accessible.
4. Motives
Nostalgia, the places kept the same style/food/staff across the years — the user feel familiarity with this kind of business.
Feeling part of the community
5. Fears
The map might not be showing real local business.
6. Solution
Using a trustworthy API (Canada’s Open Government data).
Filtering the API to get the right filter for the locations.
Might use another API (i.e. yelp) to get more information about the business.
7. Competitive Advantages
The use of a trustworthy and official API for local business.
The user can plan a local tour — dinner, dessert, attraction.
8. UVP
Support the community while touring local business and getting an authentic Canadian experience.
To create an awesome app we need a lot of information about what the end-user is actually expecting. We want to help local businesses while our user has great Canadian experiences. The users will have a great experience using the app and also going places we are recommending.

The first Survey we did if was a 2 minutes long questionnaire. The questions are pretty straightforward and we were able to get some meaningful data. We wanted our target's demographic information and also their preferences. Below you can find some information from our sample:
We discovered that our users know that local businesses help the community and they also want to know the places they visit. And even tough some people go to a place because they saw it on Google or it’s a cheaper place, they also want to know what the local people recommend and they want quality. Roote uses the Canadian Government API so it’s has trustworthy data with real local businesses.

If you want to help us to create the best app and help support local businesses, please click here and fill out our survey https://goo.gl/CNH7Xq

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