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Client: PoliGlobe Category: Graphic Design



PoliGlobe is a social media platform specifically designed for political engagement online, where people can join or create
political groups, make political discussions and plan movements.

I was commissioned with their logo, brand guidelines, deck presentation and the user interface of their website and other online applications.


Our visual elements express our brand. PoliGlobe brand is achieved through a combination of factors. This includes the name and logo, colours and graphics.


Collateral Design

These are extensions of the PoliGlobe brand.


FourBurgers is a restaurant and food truck, their differential is that they are specialized in four types of hamburgers and because of that they can assure the quality of their menu items.

I was commissioned with their logo, brand guidelines, and menu design.


Cardero is a men’s bespoke clothing company selling outfits not just articles of clothing. They expand your wardrobe and update your style. Their current products are suits, vests, dress shirts as well as ties and pocket squares.

While I was working at In Suits Marketing I had the chance to work on the Cardero’s new logo, brand guideline and website’s UI.

Logo Variations